Can a Flood-Damaged Car Be Fixed?

Car in Flooded WaterTropical storms, flash floods, and plain old bad luck all contribute to vehicle flood damage, which is especially true if you live in the Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway, FL, region. The good news is that depending on the circumstances, it’s possible for a flood-damaged car to be fixed and returned to good working condition.

To help you navigate this unfortunate act of nature and make the best decision on your investment, the service team at Honda of Bay County created this simple guide to fixing a flood-damaged car.

Is a Flood-Damaged Car Worth Fixing?

The most important question you should ask first is whether the damage incurred is fixable and if it’s worth the time and investment. Unless you have comprehensive insurance coverage and if the damage is less than the current value of the car, you shouldn’t attempt to have it repaired. In these instances, the insurance specialist handling your claim will most likely deem the car totaled.

Assessing The Damage

Fixing a flood-damaged car depends heavily on three factors: the type of water, depth, and the extent of time the vehicle was submerged.

Freshwater vs Saltwater

In some instances, after a car is submerged in fresh water, the only thing that needs to be done is to have it thoroughly dried out as long as the vehicle didn’t sit for an extended period and the electrical components weren’t severely damaged. Saltwater, on the other hand, is highly corrosive and immediately begins to eat away and destroy your engine parts and interior.

Flood Depth

Flooding that reaches at or above the wheel wells has a greater chance of damaging critical engine components and electrical parts. If the interior is breached, the carpeting and upholstery might have to be completely replaced. You may also need to drain and replace the fuel tank, power steering, and transmission fluid to avoid further water contamination.

Extent of Time

The longer a car sits submerged, the greater the risk of it developing mold and rust. Even after drying out the vehicle and replacing all the damaged parts, you still may have issues with foul odors along with chipping fenders and underbody damage.

Buying and Selling a Flood-Damaged Car

Flooded CarThe last major consideration to make when dealing with flood damage comes down to the car’s long-term value. While it’s possible for a car to be repaired and enjoyed for many years, more than likely, its resell value is permanently damaged.

Any claims you make with the insurance company immediately get added to the car’s vehicle history report. This report will come into play if you ever try to sell or trade-in the vehicle to a dealership.

On the flip side, if you live in a region that’s prone to flooding, you should always review a used vehicle’s history report before signing on the dotted line. The dealership should have this information readily available or you can acquire it through a third-party site, such as CARFAX®.

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