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Car Battery Maintenance

Proper car maintenance helps your vehicle continue to thrive even as the miles start to add up around Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway, Florida. This car battery replacement guide will highlight the function of your car’s battery while also discussing warning signs suggesting your battery needs to be replaced.

So, keep reading to better understand this vital car part, and if you have any more questions about getting a car battery replacement near me, contact Honda of Bay County!

What Does My Car Battery Do?

Your car battery plays a major role in starting your vehicle. Its purpose is to supply the necessary electrical current to the starter motor and the ignition system. While doing this, it begins to start the engine as well. 

Ultimately, the car battery jump-starts your vehicle, directing power to all the necessary parts. If your battery fails to perform its job, your vehicle won’t be able to turn on. Once this happens, a new battery may be on the table as the next new part your car needs.

Checking Car Battery

How Long Will My Car Battery Last?

The lifespan of your car battery depends on a number of variables, like how often you drive, for example. If you only use your car on occasion, your battery may degrade from disuse. Even short trips around the corner may not be enough for it to stay significantly charged and working well. Before you go on vacation or let the car rest in your garage for a while, make sure your battery is fully charged.

Weather conditions that you expose your vehicle to may also wear down the battery. Excessive heat can be detrimental to the battery and causes more damage than bitter cold, which the Panhandle rarely, if ever, experiences.

The type of vehicle you have plays a role in determining the long-term health of your battery. If you use your SUV or truck for crossing over rocky terrain, this can drain the battery. Also, leaving your lights on and using the electricity within your car for powering up your devices may deplete it at a much quicker rate.

With that said, most estimates range between three and five years for an average battery. Once you’ve surpassed or approach this time frame, get your battery inspected, or replaced, to ensure your vehicle continues to perform at a high level.

Get into the habit of coordinating each oil change with a battery test, so you’re more aware of when it may be time to change the battery. When you do get a replacement, make a note on your phone or another safe place about when it was installed. This helps you to recognize when you may need a new one.

Car Battery Failure Warning Signs

If you aren’t sure how old your car battery is, there are a handful of warning signs that will let you know it’s time to get a replacement. If any of these warning signs apply to your vehicle, it’s a good idea to have a trained professional at our dealership inspect your car.

Slow Engine Crank: The engine cranks, or turns over, with the help of your car battery. If you turn your key, and you notice the engine is slow to turn over, your car battery is likely starting to wear down.

Clicking Noise: If your battery is on its last legs, it may make a clicking sound when you try to start it or do nothing at all.

Electrical Problems: Your battery is also responsible for electrical features like power windows, headlights, or the radio. If these aspects of your car start to malfunction, it could be traced back to your battery.

Warning Light: The light on your dashboard will alert you if your car battery needs to be inspected.

Warped Battery Case: Excessive heat or cold, or prolonged neglect, can warp the shape of your battery, causing it to swell or bulge before ultimately dying.

Smell: If your battery has been overused, or is beginning to get old, it can oftentimes exude a strong odor similar to rotten eggs.

Along with these signs, battery issues could signal an issue with the alternator. A service professional at our dealership can look at this part as well to see if it may be why your car isn’t starting. Now that you know what symptoms you’ll experience when a car battery starts wearing out, you’ll be ready for any issues in the future.

Car Battery Light

Replace Your Battery with Us

When you’re sure the battery needs to be replaced, our service team will help you out. We can guide you toward the right battery from our < href="/parts/">Honda Parts Center, and a technician can install it at our dealership. Schedule a service appointment online during our convenient service hours with early-bird drop-offs and evening pickups.

While you wait, enjoy yourself in our comfortable lounge. Take advantage of our free Wi-Fi to follow up on work or just to connect your phone. We also offer complementary refreshments. If you brought along a little one for the trip, our play area will keep your child busy until it’s time to leave.

Cars that need just a little more TLC may take longer, so if you must leave to return to work or get back home, we will provide you with a ride. We can make arrangements with a rideshare service, so that you can get back to the other parts of your busy day.

Schedule Your Car Battery Replacement near Me

If you’re searching for a “car battery replacement near me”, you’re in luck! Replacing a car battery is a simple procedure at our dealership. Our modernized service center and highly trained technicians will happily swap out your battery and get you back on the open road around Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway.

To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about automotive maintenance, just contact Honda of Bay County!

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