Thrilling Excitement Awaits at Adventures At Sea

Dolphin Tours At Sea

Turn your family vacation up a few notches and spend a thrilling day on the water with Adventures At Sea. Discover Florida’s aquatic life and watch the dolphins. Hop on a jet ski and feel the rush of the waves. Relax on a spacious pontoon and take in the breathtaking view. When you choose Adventures At Sea, the entertainment is endless.

Keep reading to discover more and see how you can take your vacation from bland to grand today!

Dolphin Tours

From Atlantic to Pacific, there are over 40 species of dolphins found worldwide. Among them is the Bottlenose, a rather popular variety most recognizable for its role in the classic television show Flipper.

Dolphin tours from Adventures At Sea provide an incredible front-row view of these amazing mammals. Sail aboard a pontoon as you travel the Gulf of Mexico, stopping along the way at specific locations where dolphins typically congregate.

Looking for something a bit more riveting? Adventures At Sea also offers the option to bring Jet Skis or WaveRunners along for the ride. As not to disturb these animals, personal interaction with the dolphins is kept at a minimum. Alternatively, a stop on the island will be made during the tour for snorkeling and exploration.

Picturesque Parasailing

Parasailing Adventures At Sea

View the breathtaking beaches and serene waters of Panama City Beach like never before with a unique parasailing experience.

Trained and experienced personnel ensure your utmost safety as you glide across the Gulf. Whether you choose to fly solo or with a few buddies, you can’t beat the incredible memories parasailing provides including:

  • Sweeping panoramic views of Shell Island and the coastline
  • Large underwater marine life not visible from shore such as dolphins, sharks, and more
  • The fun of waving to friends and family as they watch from the beach

Parasailing is fun for all ages, from children to grandparents and everyone in between. Their departure point of Grand Lagoon is fully accessible for handicapped persons, as well.

Time to Hit the Beach

You can connect with Adventures at Sea over on the Facebook page which showcases stunning photos and exhilarating action shots. Then, when you’re ready, throw on your swimsuit, grab your towel, and contact Adventures at Sea today!