The Historical Society of Bay County: Preserving Local History for Future Generations

Historical Society

Local history is always worth remembering and preserving. After all, history is what will shape our lives and the lives of future generations. However, as time goes on, the events of the past can fade away-but not in Bay County, thanks to the Historical Society of Bay County.

The Historical Society of Bay County is an organization dedicated to keeping the rich heritage of the area alive now and for years to come. What exactly do they do to shine a light and preserve the notable history of the community?

Read on to find out!

Keeping the History of Bay County Alive


Bay County has a rich history, and it shows. Throughout the area, you’ll find numerous historic sites. From the McKenzie House and Bay County Courthouse to the St. Andrews Bay Civil War Salt Works, each one tells a story of a moment in time from the past.

The Historical Society of Bay County has been around since 1936 and strives to keep local history alive through the preservation of the area’s notable landmarks. Their mission? To identify, preserve, and document Bay County history. They also work to find and preserve documents, pictures, and artifacts highlighting the community’s rich heritage.

Through their community events, you can join their coalition in celebrating and learning more about the county’s incredible roots. They also feature regular public lecture series where you can unearth more of the past as you discuss its local historic significance.

If you want to lend a helping hand in preserving history for future generations, you can become a member of the Historical Society, too.

The Bay County Historical Museum


In addition to informative and fun community events and lectures, the Historical Society of Bay County has also opened the doors to a museum in Panama City. Housing tons of artifacts and documents, it’s a place that delivers a sense of wonder and curiosity as you step back in time to learn more about how the Bay County we know today came to be. It also features a variety of temporary and permanent exhibits those of all ages can enjoy.

Since its opening, the Bay County Historical Museum continues to grow and become a more permanent part of the community.

Experience the History of Bay County

Bay County may be picturesque and known for its fun-filled family attractions, but behind all that lies a rich history that’s worth preserving and passing down to future generations.

Learn more about the Historical Society of Bay County today. Better yet, connect with them on Facebook, attend a community event, or take a trip to the Bay County museum to experience the history for yourself at 133 Harrison Ave, Panama City, FL 32401.