How to Check Tire Tread Depth

Checking Tire Tread
Tires play an important role in your Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway, FL, travels. Not only do they act as a barrier between your car and the road, but tire tread also helps keep you safe, especially when driving on slippery roads.

The more you drive, the more the tread wears. Frequently checking your vehicle’s tread depth is essential. To help you learn how to check tire tread depth, we’ve created this helpful guide. Keep reading to get started, then contact us at Honda of Bay County with any additional questions!

A Brief Overview on Tire Tread

Car Tire Tread Tire tread is the intricate design of ridges and valleys in the tire’s rubber. This tread grips the road and provides the traction needed to keep you on the right path.

If the tread on your car’s tires isn’t deep enough, you’ll likely notice a decrease in your ability to stop your car, which could lead to safety hazards.

Tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. Typically, new tires have a tread of 10/32nds of an inch. When this tread reaches 2/32nds of an inch, it’s time to swap the tire out for new ones.

How to Check Tire Tread Depth

There are several ways you can check tire tread depth. Each test method takes no time at all, so you can incorporate checking this tread into your regular vehicle maintenance.

Tread Depth Gauge

Using a tread depth gauge is a fast and easy way to check the depth of your car’s tires. This pocket-sized tool easily fits in your center console, so you can check the tread depth at any time.

Penny Test

Penny Test If you don’t want to purchase a tread depth gauge, all you need is a penny! To check the depth using a penny, follow these steps:

  1. Flip the penny upside down
  2. Insert the penny into the tread facing you
  3. Take note of how much you can see of Lincoln’s head

If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

Tread Wear Indicator

Don’t want to use a tool and don’t have a penny? You can also check the tread depth without any tools. Simply look at your tires.

Most tires are equipped with a built-in wear indicator bar. These bars are placed around the tire’s tread. When the tire tread is flush with this indicator, you know it’s time to replace the tire.

Where to Get New Tires

Do the tread-depth tests indicate it’s time for new tires? If so, head over to our on-site tire center. Here, our team will quickly find the tires that best fit your model.

When you purchase tires from our center, you’ll gain the additional benefit of a complimentary 24-month tire road hazard protection. If, during this limited warranty coverage, a tire receives a puncture, you may benefit from a covered replacement and/or discounted repair cost.

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Want to learn more about tire tread? Need new tires? No matter what you need, the team at Honda of Bay County is here to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape as you travel around Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway, Florida.

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