Local Spotlight – Billy’s Oyster Bar & Crab House


Have you been on the hunt for some great seafood in Panama City? Then Billy’s Oyster Bar and Crab House have you covered. This joint has been serving up locals and visitors since 1981, making it a favorite stop to curb that seafood hankering.

Fresh Oysters Every Way You Like ‘Em

Billy’s is known for their oysters and there is no doubt why. They’re fresh, tasty, and come prepared in a variety of ways, so everyone in your party is happy. Eat them up raw, baked, or steamed, or have them served up in classic Rockefeller style.

Garlic Romano oysters are also available, as well as jalapeno baked, spicy three cheese, and crab baked oysters. You can even have them fried up in their appetizer basket, enjoy them in their famous home-style oyster stew, or slap them on a New Orleans-style po’ boy. And really, that’s still just the beginning.

Billy’s Famous Crab

It’s hard to stop by Billy’s Oyster Bar and Crab House without trying some of their famed “world famous” Florida blue crab. However, this specialty isn’t available all of the time! When you’re able to snag it, however, you’ll be met with a meal that is fit for royalty.

Using the freshest Florida blue crab caught in local bays daily, they top these suckers with a secret blend of seasoning and serve it up with hot garlic butter. Choose from select and medium-sized and prepare yourself to be amazed.

Other Delights


Whether you’re heading in for lunch or dinner, Billy’s expansive menu has something for everything. Begin your meal with a starter like the crab cake appetizer, fried green bean basket, or clam chowder. They also have wings, salads, and dips which make a great start to your stay here.

Then, choose your main course from a wide selection of sandwiches, fried dinners, and specialty dinner plates. One of our go-to items is the fish of the day where fresh fish fillet is prepared to your liking and comes with coleslaw, corn, garlic bread, and the veg of the day.

Don’t forget to end with a dessert. They also offer a range of beer and wine, as well as a fully stocked bar!

Taking Seafood to the Next Level

Now that you know all about Billy’s Oyster Bar and Crab House, you’re ready to elevate your next dinner out. We know you won’t be disappointed.