Local Spotlight: Fine Arts at the Beach


Music is a common language we all speak. When you hear that perfect tune grace your ears, it can make you start to involuntarily bob your head along with the melody. Being able to create these sounds is just as enjoyable as listening too!

At Fine Arts at the Beach, anyone in Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway can gain professional guidance to learn the basics of playing the piano or explore new sounds with more advanced techniques to your guitar playing.

Open to All Ages and Skill Levels

Even if you stopped your piano lessons early on in life and always wondered what it would be like if you continued, it isn’t too late! Fine Arts at the Beach offers private lessons that allow you to pick back up the instrument you want to learn, whether it’s a ukulele or saxophone, and get one-on-one instructions by their professional musicians.

They also offer group classes where you can take your guitar playing to the next level! Learn finger-picking techniques, music theory, or even how to play blues-style guitar. If you have the basics down of the violin, join a group violin class to learn to play bluegrass or classic music and perfect your bowing technique.

A great way to get your kids started on their musical journey is to sign them up for one of their general music classes. This will give them a good overview of various topics and skills within the world of music. It will also introduce them to a range of instruments so they can see which one they personally would want to learn themselves!

Here for All Your Musical Needs


Fine Arts at the Beach can also help you when it comes time to getting a new instrument or accessories for your current setup. They can help you find the right instrument that will help you produce the sound you are looking for.

If your child is participating in band at their school, they also have rentals available. This is a great way to let your child try out an instrument to see how they like it before they make a long-term commitment. They can even help with any maintenance your instrument may need. When you drop off your instrument, they can get it shining bright with a polish and change out old strings for a new set.

Get in Tune with Your Musical Side

Whether you are looking to learn a new instrument, introduce your child to the art of music, or develop more skilled technique within a group atmosphere, Fine Arts at the Beach has the professional instruction and program suited for your specific needs! Contact them today to learn more about the high-quality musical instruction they provide to the communities of Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway.