Hit the Beach and Get Fit with Studio by the Sea

Beach Fitness

When it comes to fitness, it isn’t just about how you workout, it’s where. Think about it—wouldn’t you feel more motivated powering through your weekly cardio class if you were surrounded by the sights and sounds of the beach and the ocean? We know we would.

So, if you’re ready to experience a new, more motivating way to workout and just have fun with friends, check out Studio by the Sea!

Setting the Scene for your Next Workout

Cardio Workout

Studio by the Sea isn’t just a fitness facility located by the white sandy beaches of the area. They literally bring their studio to the sea with fun exercises right on the beach or in the water.

Studio by the Sea is a team of topnotch professionals specializing in all things fitness, yoga, and dance. Dedicated to delivering a personalized and results-oriented approach, each class provides an experience that really gets you moving, sweating, and having fun.

Plus, with some of their most popular classes taking place right on the beach, they definitely take the cake for the most scenic fitness studio in town.

Classes at Studio by the Sea

Whether you’re looking to learn how to belly dance or practice your yoga poses, Studio by the Sea has a class for you. Here’s a closer look at some of their most popular options for fitness and yoga!

Fitness Classes

With options for all skill levels, the fitness classes at Studio by the Sea can get your heart pumping for total-body sculpting. They offer classes in both their studio and on the shores of Panama City Beach to help reinvigorate your workout routine.

For fitness, check out:

  • Cardio Barre: Blend the graceful moves of a ballet routine with the intensity of cardio exercise for a fast-paced and satisfying workout.

  • The Marilyn Makeover: Feel the burn and take things slow with this no-impact, no-cardio strength training workout that targets abs, glutes, arms, and legs.

  • Total Body Shred: For a workout that has it all, this course blends intense intervals of cardio with weightlifting and body resistance that targets just about every part of your body.

Yoga Classes

Beach Yoga

When you want to clear your mind, take a deep breath, and say “om” with these relaxing and mindful yoga classes from Studio by the Sea.

For yoga, check out:

  • Beachside Yoga: Perhaps one of their most scenic and relaxing classes, de-stress and experience the breathtaking beauty of the beach with a sunset or early morning Beachside Yoga class.

  • Hot Yoga: Taking place at their local studio in 90+-degree temperatures, Hot Yoga is a sure-fire way to loosen up your muscles as you go through your vinyasa flows and poses.

  • Yogilates: This class combines yoga and pilates for the ultimate body-sculpting and -toning workout!

Student Dance Program

Looking to get your kids active? Studio by the Sea also has a Dance Program offering classical technical training as well as cutting-edge choreography. The nationally renowned team has competed in countless competitions bringing home national titles for the team and individual dancers.

Whether you’re looking to help your toddler learn the basics of dance or something for your pre-teen that’ll help them build dance, interpersonal, and team-building skills, the dance studio can be the perfect place.

Have Some Fun in the Sun at Studio by the Sea

There’s nothing more beautiful than the beaches around the Panama City Beach area. So, have some fun, soak up the sun, and get fit! Check out the classes at Studio by the Sea today and sign up for a new workout today!

For more information and the latest news on class schedules, follow Studio by the Sea on Facebook.