Romantic Date Night Spots for Valentines Day

Dimly lit lights, elegant service, and a peaceful backdrop are a few of the qualities necessary for a romantic date night. Once you’re alone with your significant other, it’s also nice to enjoy a well-prepared meal with a pairing of your favorite wine.

Valentines Day

If you happen to be around Panama City, Springfield, or Callaway, and are looking for a romantic date night location for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to check out any of these top options.

Alice’s On Bayview

If you’re looking for a warm, cozy environment coupled with a range of fresh, delicious seafood, you’ll want to book a reservation at Alice’s on Bayview.

Once you start to browse through the menu, you begin to see why Alice’s is so well-received. The seared diver scallops are expertly cooked, served over jasmine rice with haricot vert, and topped with a drizzled blood orange vinaigrette. Or, you can opt for the fish of the day, which is always fresh, and served with stone-ground cheese grits and cilantro coleslaw.

For dessert, you can choose from a tempting key lime pie or a warm brownie with ice cream.

Find out more about Alice’s On Bayview by visiting their Facebook page.

Capt. Anderson’s

Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant & Waterfront Market combines delicious food with some romantic seaside scenery.

The menu is packed with bold, exciting dishes, like the Oven Boiled South African Lobster Tails or Capt. Anderson’s Famous Grilled Bay Shrimp. You can also choose from a range of esteemed wines to pair with your meal, with selections ranging from Chardonnay and a refined Pinot Noir to a hearty Merlot.

Don’t forget to treat yourself or your significant other to some appetizing desserts. Favorites include the chocolate silk pie and Florentine cup.

All of these delicious items and more can been seen by visiting Capt. Anderson’s Facebook.

The Grand Marlin

With an elegant décor and a devotion to pristine entrees, The Grand Marlin is a well-regarded, romantic destination for Valentine’s Day. They even have special Valentine’s Day dishes, so start off with a crisp Caprese salad. With heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette, organic purple and green basil, and a dash of fresh-cracked black pepper, you’ll bite into this crispy salad and savor its unique flavors.

Then, you can move onto the main dish, which is a slow-roasted New York strip and gulf shrimp. This succulent slab of meat comes topped with heirloom tomatoes, garlic, Kalamata olive, and red wine demi-glace served with roasted garlic-white cheddar potatoes and balsamic grilled asparagus.

Valentines Day

To finish it all off, having a chocolate-peanut butter truffle torte. Don’t forget to order a tall glass of wine, too, with their extensive wine menu. You’ll also find drink selections like bourbon, whiskey, and single malt scotch. Of course, there’s also beer, both bottled and draft.

There’s so many delicious items to see on this varied menu that it’s best if you browse through it yourself; or, better yet, see everything The Grand Marlin offers by visiting their Facebook page.

Shrimp Boat Restaurant

At the Shrimp Boat Restaurant, the menu items are original, fresh, and can be enjoyed while looking out onto the romantic sea. You’ll notice some irresistible options off the wood burning grill, such as the filet, which is a juicy center cut with edamame risotto, wild mushroom, pearl onion, and port wine demi glaze.

If you’re interested in seafood, the Bouillabaisse is a highly recommended dish that contains lobster, clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, and fresh fish served in a pernod broth.

The combination of charming atmosphere and delicious food is what makes the Shrimp Boat Restaurant so appealing. You can see more of this local favorite by visiting their Facebook page.

Visit These Top Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Thanks to the combination of service, scenery, and seafood, any of these top restaurants near Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway would make for a great Valentine’s Day date night.