What Causes Tire Cupping?

Worn Tires
There’s a lot for drivers near Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway to look out for in terms of automotive care. One particularly disruptive form of tire wear, for example, is tire cupping. What is tire cupping? What causes tire cupping? These types of questions will be addressed in the following sections.

Along with providing a better understanding of tire cupping, we’ll also discuss a few of the services offered at the Honda of Bay County automotive center!

What Might Cause a Tire to Cup?

There are a few reasons why you might find cupping on your tires:

  • Wheel imbalance
  • Suspension issues
  • Vehicle misalignment

The first possibility is some form of wheel imbalance or improper placement.
If you’re driving along a smooth road, for instance, and you feel your steering wheel shake or pulsate, it could be an indication that your wheels are out of balance. If they are, that shake that you felt will prove far more impactful for your tire than it was for your steering wheel.

Tire cupping can also be connected to suspension problems. If your suspension alignment isn’t properly set up, all the impact from bumps on the road will be transferred directly to your tires. This will wear your tires down quickly, ultimately cupping them beyond repair.

Finally, tire cupping can occur because of vehicle misalignments. This is similar to the suspension problem discussed in the last paragraph, but not as severe. Misalignment can cause unnecessary friction for your tires. Over time, this friction will begin to dig into certain parts of the rubber, creating the valleys that are so commonplace for tire cupping.

What Is Tire Cupping?

Tire cupping is a damaging form of tire wear characterized by uneven high and low spots along the surface of your tire. This sort of peak and valley landscape will quickly diminish the effectiveness of your tires on the road.

Depending on the severity, cupped tires may be restored to peak performance. However, if the cupping is significant, meaning the low spots on your tires are too low, there’s not much that can be done, in which case you’ll need a new set of tires.

The best course of action for cupped tires is to bring your vehicle into a professional for a thorough inspection.

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Tackle Tire Cupping Once and for All

If you’ve noticed signs of tire cupping on your vehicle, contact Honda of Bay County. We’ll happily take a look at your car, and replace the tires if need be. After that, you’ll again be free to cruise through Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway!