What Are Speed Ratings for Tires?

Tire Speed Rating
There are a variety of tires out there that range from different sizes and types to help your vehicle perform well in the conditions you typically drive in around Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway. It is important to understand your tire size to not only ensure you get proper replacements when they are worn but also know how they safely operate. Therefore, knowing the speed ratings for tires is helpful information to be aware of.

Our team here at Honda of Bay County has explained below what the speed ratings for your tires mean and how to properly read what the speed rating is for your tires.

What Your Tire Speed Rating Means

What the speed ratings of tires are telling you is how much speed the tires can safely handle. Your tire speed rating will let you know how fast you are able to go on the specific tires your car has while still maintaining great traction, stability, and control while driving.

Even if your speed rating is high for your tires, you also want to make sure you are always adhering to the speed limit of the road you are currently driving on. It also is advised not to reach the limits of the speed rating when road conditions are less than ideal.

How to Find the Speed Rating for Your Tires

Your speed rating is listed as part of your tire size. In order to find the speed rating, you’ll need to locate where the size of your tires is listed. There are various places you can locate your tire size. Most vehicles will have it placed on the door jam of the driver’s side, within your owner’s manual, or even on the sidewall of your tires. Once you do find the tire size, you’ll want to specifically look at the letter at the end of the tire size. This letter represents your tire speed rating.

Properly Reading Your Tire Speed Rating

Once you’ve found this letter, it’s time then to see what that means in terms of speed. There is a Tire Speed Ratings Chart that you can refer to so you can identify what the speed rating for your tires is in terms of miles per hour.

Let’s say your tires have a speed rating symbolized with the letter S. When your find that letter on the chart, you will see that it is matched with a speed rating of 112 miles per hour-and that means your vehicle’s tires are designed to safely handle up to a speed of 112 miles per hour.

Speed RatingsLet Us Help You Maintain Your Tires

Along with know the speed ratings of tires, there are other ways you can ensure your tires continue to safely operate. Having your tires frequently rotated will help them from unevenly wearing. You’ll also want to check the tread of each tire often to make sure they’ll still give you the proper traction you need while driving around Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway.

With our service center here at Honda of Bay County, we can rotate, replace, or inspect your tires for you. Schedule an appointment today to have your tires quickly serviced by our expert technicians!