What is Honda Sensing®?

Honda Sensing

When searching for a new car, there’s plenty to consider. Engine performance, gas mileage, cargo space and interior features might all be items on your checklist you’re thinking about. But safety is a critical item to consider, and the topic itself means more than just crash ratings.

Honda Sensing® is a suite of safety and driver-assistance technologies specifically designed to keep you safe while driving. No driver will ever be perfect, and the Honda Sensing® system can be your eyes and ears, picking up on even small things you might not be able to while driving the roads of Panama City, Springfield and Callaway. The team at Honda of Bay County has put together this informative article describing what the Honda Sensing® suite can provide.

Honda Sensing® Features

To understand what Honda Sensing® is, it’s best to dive right in to explain what the four major systems of the safety suite bring to the table.

  • Lane Keeping Assist System. This system adjusts steering to keep you in a detected lane. A mounted camera behind the rear-view mirror can pick up on the markings on the road, including lines on the road. If the system senses the car is drifting from the lane without a turn signal on, the driver will be notified. Steering can be adjusting in a subtle manner to keep the vehicle centered in a lane.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control. With this setting turned on, your vehicle will maintain a set following distance behind detected vehicles. If the detected car in front slows down or stops, Adaptive Cruise Control will slow down and stop your car, too. After stopping, tapping the gas pedal again tells the car to continue driving again with the previously set distance.

  • Road Departure Mitigation System. This can determine if you cross over detected lanes without using a turn signal. A visual lane departure warning will be given. If the system determines that the steering isn’t enough to keep the vehicle on the road, the brakes may be applied.

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System™. Bring your vehicle to a stop when a frontal collision is deemed unavoidable. If the system determines a crash may happen, brake pressure will be applied automatically to avoid it.

Additional Features

Honda Sensing

More driver-assistive technology is available with the Honda Sensing™ suite. Honda LaneWatch™ turns on an installed camera on the passenger’s side mirror and provides live video on the touchscreen inside your car, giving you a better look at traffic around you.

Available on select models, the blind spot information system can help drivers, too. When your turn signal is on and a vehicle is detected near you in an adjacent lane, an alert will sound until the coast is clear or the turn signal is turned off.

Experience Honda Sensing® Technology

Honda Sensing® technology was created to make the driving experience a smarter and safer experience for all involved. This technology can make driving around Panama City, Springfield and Callaway a more intuitive experience.

While this technology is by no means a replacement for safe driving and keeping both eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, it can go a long way to protecting you, those in the car with you and other drivers, too. Have any questions about Honda Sensing®? Get in touch with the team at Honda of Bay County or schedule a test drive today to see the technology in action.