What Is Tire Dry Rot?

TiresLike any other materials in this world, the material that tires are made of begins to break down at some point. This natural process is called tire dry rot and it can wreak havoc on the functionality and safety of your vehicle.

On this page, the service team at Honda of Bay County will give you a better idea of what tire dry rot is, how to spot it, what causes it, and how you can prevent it. Drivers in Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway should read ahead to learn more!

What Are the Signs of Tire Dry Rot?

Tire Observation

Tire dry rot looks like deep, spider-web-looking cracks on the inner and/or outer walls of a tire. With these cracks, you’ll normally see discoloration of the tires around the cracks. These cracks are really the only way to spot tire dry rot-there aren’t any other symptoms. However, tire dry rot can cause other problems that can jeopardize your safety, which is why it’s important to catch it early on.

What Causes Tire Dry Rot?

Tire dry rot can occur naturally from long periods of use and general wear and tear. However, various forms of tire neglect can also cause tire dry rot in otherwise reliable tires. Some of the most common things that cause tire dry rot include…

  • Driving often without enough air in your tires
  • Frequent exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold
  • Frequent exposure to the elements including cold, snow, ice, and direct sunlight
  • Improper storage when the tires are off the vehicle

How Can I Prevent Tire Dry Rot?

Tire Pressure

The easiest way to prevent tire dry rot is to make a constant conscious effort to take good care of your tires. Before taking off down the road, do a quick visual check of all four tires to make sure that they don’t look funky. Going off of that, if something looks amiss, don’t put it off-fix the problem right away.

Once you’re in the vehicle, take a look at your tire pressure monitoring system. If one or more of your tires looks like the pressure is abnormally low, stop at a gas station to add a little air. If they’re consistently leaking, consult with a professional.

When you aren’t driving your vehicle, be sure to store it in a climate-controlled area like a garage as much as you can. Then keep the tires out of the cold or heat, which is one of the main causes of tire dry rot.

Still Have Questions About Tire Dry Rot?

Now that you have a bit more information about tire dry rot, we at Honda of Bay County know that you can take the necessary steps to prevent tire dry rot. However, if you still have questions about tire dry rot or need a new set of tires, we’re more than happy to provide some additional assistance.

Drivers in the areas of Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway should give us a call at our service center today with any questions they may have or to schedule a service appointment!