Wheel Alignment 101

Wheel Alignment

If you find your car drifting through the streets of Panama City, Springfield, or Callaway, it may have something to do with your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Overall, this alignment serves to keep your car on the straight and narrow. However, if the alignment goes haywire, so does your control behind the wheel. That’s why this article discusses wheel alignment 101.

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Signs My Tire Alignment Is Off

There are a few tell-tale signs that suggest your tire alignment is off. If you notice any of these symptoms in your own vehicle, it’s a good idea to stop into the shop and get an inspection.

Some of the more prevailing symptoms include:

  • Crooked Steering Wheel- This is a dead giveaway that your alignment is off. If you’re driving straight, but your wheel is crooked, either facing too far left or right, you’ll need to visit a mechanic so they can readjust your alignment.
  • Chaotic Tire Wear- If your tires are rapidly wearing down, or they are oddly wearing down at different rates, this could potentially point to an uneven alignment.
  • Vehicle Pulling or Drifting- The handling of your vehicle should be precise and responsive. If you find yourself being pulled left or right, or there’s a delayed response when you turn the wheel, your alignment is likely off-center.
  • Squeaky Wheels- If your wheels make a loud squeaking noise, this could also be indicative of improper alignment.

Perks of a Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

If you’ve started to notice any of the previously listed symptoms, stop into the shop for an alignment, and you can look forward to the various perks listed below:

  • Better Fuel Efficiency- If your tires aren’t properly aligned, your car has to work harder to maintain direction, which ultimately reduces fuel economy. An alignment will correct this.
  • Smooth Driving- If you’ve been battling with your car to go in the proper direction, you’ll immediately notice how smooth and straight it drives after getting an alignment.
  • Safer Driving- With more responsive control comes higher safety for yourself, and each passenger in the vehicle.
  • Extends the Life of Your Tires- This is one of the most noticeable perks of an alignment. Tires will wear down excessively if your alignment is off. Once you’ve straightened things out, however, you’ll likely add a hearty number of miles onto your tires’ lifespan.

Straighten Out Your Steering at Our Service Center

If you’re travelling through Panama City, Springfield, or Callaway, and you just can’t seem to keep your car moving straight, stop into the service center at Honda of Bay County!

We have an experienced staff that will quickly correct your wheel alignment, so you can get back to enjoying the open road.