Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Squeaking brakes

Every car needs maintenance from time to time. Most maintenance alerts are convenient reminders on your dashboard. But there’s one that your car puts out there for anyone within earshot.

Squeaking brakes. Everyone knows that sound, but why does it happen? What makes your brakes start to squeak?

If you’re a driver in Panama City, Springfield, or Callaway and wondered why, Honda of Bay County is here to help.

What Cause Brakes to Squeak

So, what causes the squeaking? There are two reasons why you could be hearing that irritating sound:

  1. Mositure
  2. Worn Brake Pads

It’s very common to hear squeaking first thing in the morning after a damp or rainy night. This is because moisture has settled on the rotors and created a thin layer of rust. When the brake pads press up against the rust, they scrape it off, causing the uncomfortable sound.

Squeaking caused by moisture is relatively minor issue and should go away after a couple minutes or after using the brakes a few times.

Pressure and friction are a great way to stop a moving object but clamping down on metal disc that’s spinning at high speeds is no easy feat, and it takes a toll on your parts. Your brake pads, like any part, can only take so much before they need to be replaced. The squeaking sound is their way of letting you know that it’s time to replace them.

All brake pads are equipped with a rivet or steel tab, about the size of a small screw, that serves as an indicator. They are designed to press up against the rotor before the brake pad has completely worn out. When this brake wear indicator makes contact with the rotor, it creates the high-pitched squeaking sound.

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What to Do If My Brakes Squeak

Fixing brakes at Honda of Bay County

Parts in need of maintenance can make all sorts of sounds. Squeaky brakes might be one of the most irritating ones. That also makes them a great reminder to take your car in for routine maintenance.

Ignoring squeaky brakes is not only difficult to do, it is strongly advised against. If the sound persists then you should definitely bring your car in for new brake pads.

How Do Brakes Work?

Squeaking brakes

Your car’s wheels are made up of a spinning metal rotor. On both sides of the rotor, hovering just above it, are the brake pads. When you apply pressure to your brake pedal, that causes the brake pads to press against the rotor. This creates enough friction to slow the car down or bring it to a completely stop.

Silence the Squeak

If you rely on a Honda to get around Panama City, Springfield, or Callaway and you’ve been wondering why are my brakes squeaking, come to Honda of Bay County for a brake inspection and service appointment.