Why Do You Need Your Tires Balanced?

Needing Your Tires Balanced

So…why do you really need your tires balanced, anyway? That’s certainly a question that service technicians get often. This guide will explain some of the most important reasons why you need your tires balanced, and will help customers in Panama City, Springfield and Callaway determine if it’s time to schedule a tire balance appointment.

Basic Information: Tire Balancing 101

Needing Your Tires Balanced

Before we get into the benefits of having balanced tires, we need to address the preliminaries, or, more specifically, what does it mean to have balanced tires in the first place? Here’s the scoop.

Around the tire and wheel assembly is a set of weights that’s evenly distributed across the circumference of the wheel – well, it’s evenly distributed when your tires are balanced. Unevenly distributed weights mean unbalanced tires.

There are actually two different types of imbalance that can occur. The first, a horizontal imbalance, causes intense side-to-side vibration; the second, weight concentration in certain areas, causes shaky forward motion. No matter which type of imbalance you have, it is a situation that you want to take care of right away.

Imbalance Warning Signs

To make your drive safer and more smooth, you should be aware of the warning signs of unbalanced tires. Here are the symptoms:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Seat/floorboard vibration
  • Cupped tire wear patterns

If you notice any of these concerning indicators, it is time for you to schedule a service appointment.

Now that you can identify out-of-balance tires, learn why you should keep your tires correctly balanced.

The Benefits of Balanced Tires

Needing Your Tires Balanced

There are several reasons it is important to maintain balanced tires on your vehicle. Keeping your tires balanced can aid in giving you:

  • the smoothest ride possible. Let’s be real…all that steering wheel, seat and floorboard vibration is just annoying. Balanced tires make for the smooth and comfortable ride that you crave.
  • the longest-lasting tires possible. Any sort of imbalance (either horizontal or concentrated) will quickly wear out your tires. If you want to save money, time and…well…rubber…then get those tires balanced.
  • the safest, most efficient ride possible. How much does your family’s safety matter to you, especially while you’re on the highway? How much does your hard-earned cash matter to you, especially while you’re at the pump? Tires worn from imbalance can be at risk for flats or blowouts on the road. Wear from imbalances can also decrease fuel efficiency. When it comes to getting your tires balanced, these are the tough questions that you should be asking yourself.

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