Why Is My Battery Light On?

Car Battery Light

You’re casually driving down the road when you see a light flicker on your dashboard-it’s your check battery light. Most drivers-like you-in the Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway areas have experienced this as well, which is why the Honda of Bay County team created this useful guide to your battery light!

After reading this handy article, you won’t have to ask, “why is my battery light on?” again. Below, you’ll find more about what this light means, what causes it turn on, and what to do next.

What Does My Battery Light Mean?

Your car battery comes with a built-in charging system, allowing you to drive whenever you put the key in the ignition. This essential dashboard symbol provides you a warning when something isn’t functioning correctly with this system, so you can fix the issue right away.

This light also illuminates whenever you turn on your car to ensure that the cables are still working properly. If it continues to stay lit while you’re driving, it’s telling you that there’s a malfunction. However, the issue may be caused by something other than the battery.

Reasons Your Battery Light is On

Car Battery Dashboard Light

Whether it’s a small issue your vehicle wants you to know about or a larger one that should be assessed by a professional at an authorized dealership, knowing why your battery light is on is a good first step to fixing the problem.

  • Loose or Frayed Wires – If anything is misaligned, absent, or loose under the hood, this could trigger the battery light to pop up on your dash. If you see anything is gone or damaged under the hood, take your car into an authorized service center to resolve the issue.
  • Broken Alternator Belt – If your alternator belt is malfunctioning, it’ll let you know by switching on that dashboard battery light. As this is an essential part of your battery’s charging system, getting this inspected as soon as possible by a professional is a good idea.
  • Dead Battery or Battery Issues – Without a fully charged battery, your car won’t run. This is the most common reason your dashboard light will turn on, and there are some important steps to do when this happens. If you’re driving and you see the light on, pull off safely to the side of the road. Then, turn off all unnecessary electrical components. Finally, schedule an appointment with your authorized dealer to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Clear Your Dashboard at Honda of Bay County

When you ask the question “why is my battery light on?”, the best thing to do is to have a professional technician take a look at your vehicle. At our service center, we can easily diagnose the issue and provide the proper fix to make sure you’re safe on the roads of Panama City, Springfield, and Callaway. Schedule an appointment with us today!