Why Is My Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

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You’re driving through Panama City, Springfield, or Callaway when you decide to turn on your car’s heater to take away the evening chill. It is then that you realize your vehicle’s heater is blowing out cool air.

What should you do in this situation? Why is your car heater blowing cold air? The service team here at Honda of Bay County has put together this informative guide to answer these questions and help you become better connected with the components of your automobile.

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How Does Your Car’s Heater Work?

Car Heater

The first step to addressing the problems with your vehicle’s heater is to understand what this system is and how it operates.

A car heater is the part of your vehicle that works to provide warmth to the interior cabin. The majority of the heater’s power comes from the engine, and more specifically, the engine’s coolant. Coolant is the fluid which absorbs heat from the engine and sends it out through the radiator.

Once the engine has warmed up enough, it will transfer the heated coolant into the heater core, which is then blown out through the passenger compartment.

While those of us living in Florida may not need to turn on the heat very often, that’s not the only importance of your car’s heating system. It also controls the internal temperature of your vehicle’s systems, providing the optimum temperature needed for the engine to start.

Reasons Your Car Heater May Be Malfunctioning

As you can see, your vehicle’s heating system is a pretty vital part of your car. The absence of warm air emitting from this feature could be the results of several malfunctions, including:

Lack of Coolant in the Engine

Often times, it will take a few minutes for the coolant to heat up. However, if you continue to feel cool air, your car could be low on coolant. Our service center will be able to check your vehicle’s coolant level, replenishing it if needed.

Clogged Car Heater Controls

Clogged or Broken Heater Controls

Like most things that are frequently used, the control buttons for your car’s temperature settings may become sticky and stop working properly over time. If this is the case, it is important to have these buttons replaced by the expert technicians of our service center.

Water Leaks

One final reason for this cold air could be a leak in the internal system of your vehicle. Water leaks can occur in several places, such as the radiator, hose, and water pump. Our maintenance department will thoroughly check all of these systems for water damage and repair the necessary parts.

How to Fix Your Car’s Heater

The proper service procedure required to get your car back in tip-top shape all depends on the source of the problem.

Our service center will find and address your vehicle’s heating issues so you can get back on the road safely and securely. No question is too small, so don’t hesitate to stop by if you ever have any doubts about your car’s heating system.

If you think your car’s heating system may not be working properly, call, check out our website, or come see us to schedule a service appointment today.

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